2027 CBA Bold Predictions

As is now tradition, before we get into this year’s bold predictions, let’s analyze how well the CBA GMs did last season:

Prediction Result
Seth “Platinum” Paddock will beat out the likes of Golden, Guzman, Limbach, House, and Bush to win the 2026 PL Pitcher of the Year Award, making him the first pitcher in CBA history to win Pitcher of the Year in all 3 leagues. Incorrect
Keith Bush will post a 5.00+ ERA OR be removed from the rotation entirely by Kyle due to poor performance Correct
Both DC and Miami are in the relegation zone at the end of the season. The Monster that is the PL chews them up and spits them right back out. Incorrect
Midwest cleans up in the SL and is auto-promoted Incorrect
Both Carolina and San Diego finish in the top half of the BL Incorrect


So the CBA GMs went 1/5 on predictions last season. 20% is down from the 30% they got in the previous season. Hopefully we get a better performance this upcoming season. I believe that my past bold predictions articles have been too long, so I will try to keep this one more brief, so without further ado, here are your 2027 CBA bold predictions.

Bold prediction: someone other than Detroit or Dallas will win the tournament of champions.

There is no question that Detroit and Dallas have been the juggernauts of the CBA thus far in its young history. Detroit took home the PL crown in 2023, 2025 and 2026 and the Tournament of Champions crown in 2023, 2024 and 2026. Dallas has won basically everything else, winning the PL in 2023 and 2024 along with the Tournament of Champions in 2025. Both of these teams obviously started their time in the CBA with players in their prime, but it is now a question, especially in Dallas whether they can maintain their success.

The reason that I single out Dallas is purely the age of their team. Their starting lineup currently has every player over the age of 28 and 6/9 (noice) over the age of 32. However, Dallas has pretty young and talented bench that should be able to step in if their older players’ skills begin to diminish. Dallas has also done an effective job getting younger in the pitching department, saying goodbye to elder statesmen Chris House and Keith Bush to make way for younger talent. While Dallas’ young talent seems promising, they are still unproven, so I think that it is fair to question Dallas’ sustainability on the top of the CBA until their young players can prove it.

Detroit’s demise is harder for me to envision. They have a rotation led by three potential aces, all under the age of 30 and their hitting is all relatively young and full of talent. I think the only flaw with Detroit is that they are not particularly deep. So if they suffer a couple of injuries, their season could be in peril.

Cincinnati finishes first in the PL after the GM change

In the latest PL projected standings, the Royals were projected to finish tied for third with the Chilis and the Giants. However, Dustyn’s first move as GM was to place a lot of players on the block. The GM who made this prediction must believe that either Cincinnati can be successful without those valuable players or that the trades will not go through. If Matt Anderson leads the offense and Alberto Fernandez and Adam Jackson hold down the bullpen and ownership does not get rid of their pieces then I certainly believe that Cinci has a chance to challenge Detroit and Dallas for the PL crown.

Carolina will be promoted this season.

My sources tell that in private talks Carolina’s GM brags about his team having the most number 1 overall picks in league history. The question is whether or not this is the year that Carolina’s process comes into fruition, much like the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers did during the 2018 season. Carolina certainly has the best pitcher in the BL, if not the entire CBA in Chris Anderson, who gives Carolina a great chance to win every time that he starts. My sources also tell me that pending his injury diagnosis, Alberto ‘Critter’ Cruz will likely make his debut this season, which combined with Anderson, Tom Wood, and Jordan could give Carolina the best starting staff in the BL. Carolina’s offense still leaves something to be desired, so I would expect them to be another year off from being promoted, but it would not shock me if their pitching is able to carry them to be very competitive this season. I would be shocked if Carolina ends up with the number 1 overall pick next season.

Brooklyn and Bay Area get promoted into the PL, causing half of the PL to be composed of original BL teams.

The original BL teams were LA, DC, Miami, Bay Area, Boston, Houston, Wichita, San Diego, Brooklyn and Iowa. These 10 teams are now pretty evenly distributed throughout the three leagues with 3 teams in the PL (LA, DC, and Miami), 3 in the SL (Bay Area, Brooklyn and Houston) and 4 still in the BL (Boston, Wichita, Iowa, and San Diego). I believe that it is a testament to the league that teams have been able to come from the BL and be successful at the higher levels of the CBA in such a short period of time. What would be even more amazing is if by next season, only 5 full seasons after the CBA was split up into three leagues, half of the PL teams were comprised of original BL teams. For this to happen, none of the current PL teams (DC, LA, and Miami) can be relegated this season and two of the three SL teams (Brooklyn, Houston and Bay Area) need to be promoted. These teams all look pretty good going into next season. I would say that Bay Area is the most likely to be promoted, after finishing second in the SL last season. Brooklyn and Houston both have strong offense that can carry them to success in the SL as well, but I would favor Brooklyn more than Houston to advance to the PL. I think this prediction has a great chance of working out.

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