How Well Do You Know CBA Records?

Yeah, click bait title!

There have been plenty of records set in the CBA thus far. Today, let’s see how many records you know. No cheating!

Question 1 – Which of these strikeout artists currently holds the record for the highest K/9 in a single season by a starter in the PL?

  1. Tony Varela
  2. Keith Bush
  3. Robert Buxton
  4. Fernando Martinez

While Keith Bush has the most career strikeouts, Fernando Martinez holds the record as the only starter to have a season higher than 10 K/9, when he finished at 10.108 in 2027. Bush followed up close behind at 9.971 in 2022, Buxton finished at 9.807 in 2022, while Varela currently leads the league with 9.256 this season.

Question 2 – Who has the most strikeouts in a single season in the SL?

  1. Mike Quinn
  2. Chris Allen
  3. Brad Limbach
  4. Seth Paddock

Although Mike Quinn might not be the same as his former glory, he still holds the record with 207 strikeouts in 2024. Chris Allen finished with 190 in 2026, Limbach with 177 in 2023, and Paddock at 174 in 2025.

Question 3 – Who holds the record for most singles in a season in the BL?

  1. Joe Sellers
  2. Jesse Robison
  3. Zach Sweeney
  4. Jose Sanchez

Jesse Robison currently has the record of 141 singles in 2023, and also has second place with 132 singles in 2025. Joe Sellers, despite his third all time singles with 130 in 2023, retired after Miami released him in 2025. Jose Sanchez finished with 115 in 2024, and Zach Sweeney had 124 in 2026 – but he is on pace to tie Robison’s record this season.

Question 4 – Who currently holds the highest career WAR for pitchers in the BL?

  1. Chris Anderson
  2. Tyler Shinkle
  3. Adrian Owens
  4. Jeremy England

I say “currently” because Chris Anderson is 0.4 WAR behind Jeremy England and is poised to take over before the season ends. However, England leads with 14.7 career WAR. Shinkle is third with 12.8 WAR, and Owens is fifth with 11.6 WAR.

Question 5 – Still in the BL. Who holds the single season record for most RBIs?

  1. Jose Sanchez
  2. Justin Jordan
  3. Chad Lynch
  4. Aaron Schneider

Aaron Schneider finished with 90 in 2025, good enough for ninth most. Chad Lynch has the fourth most at 101. Jose Sanchez finished with 118 in 2024, while teammate Justin Jordan finished with 142 in 2024. This one looks like it will stand for a long time, as the average highest over the past few seasons has been at 85 RBIs.

Question 6 – Jump to the PL – Who holds the record for the most home runs in a single season?

  1. Cesar Hernandez
  2. Adam Borne
  3. Chris Greenwell
  4. Mario Cernas

The surprise answer here is Cesar Hernandez. A product of the 2022 extended season, Hernandez hit 57 home runs in 2022. Chris Greenwell places third with 52, Adam Borne has hit 49, and Mario Cernas’ record is 42.

Question 7 – Back to the SL – Almost all of these guys have spent their entire careers in the SL, so who holds the record for the highest career WAR?

  1. Jose Rodriguez
  2. Jamie Malchow
  3. Josh Johnson
  4. Andy Popour

The Mexico City shortstop has 25.8 WAR, so Andy Popour is correct. He’s a full 8.2 wins better than second place Jose Rodriguez, despite Rodriguez playing two seasons in the PL. Josh Johnson is third in 15.2, and Malchow is tied for fifth with 14.1.

Question 8 – Still in the SL – Which reliever has the highest single season of WAR?

  1. Chris Allen
  2. Mac Woolfrey
  3. Jason Peterson
  4. Shawn Martin

Despite Chris Allen’s dominance of late, Mac Woolfrey put up the most dominant season by a reliever in the SL with 6.05 WAR in 2025. The next person on that list is Jason Peterson, who has a almost a full win less than Woolfrey at 5.07 WAR in 2026. Chris Allen ranks fourth among relievers with 4.65 WAR in 2026, while Shawn Martin, despite being known for his Midwest/Arizona days as one of the top relievers in the league, had never pitched in the SL before this season. Fun fact with Woolfrey – he has both the highest WAR among relievers in the SL and the highest single season WAR among all pitchers in the BL at 6.80, where the second highest single season BL WAR belongs to Seth Paddock at 6.38. In the PL, Donte Arias has the highest single season WAR, but that came in 2022 – so Woolfrey owns the two best seasons by a reliever in CBA history.

Question 9 – Now two in the PL to finish it off – Which player has the highest single season OPS?

  1. Adam Borne
  2. Angelo Underhill
  3. Cesar Hernandez
  4. Danny Crews

The obvious choice here to eliminate was Cesar Hernandez. In fact, Cesar doesn’t even have a top 100 season – which leads us to Danny Crews. While the PL has never been as hitter friendly as before – just ask Crews, Tye Bruce, and Jason Isley – they still rank 4, 5, and 6. Underhill’s marvelous rookie season nets him third all time, which leaves Adam Borne as the leader with a 1.2065 OPS in 2024. In second was Jeremy Costanzo, with a 1.1439 OPS. Just shows how dominant Borne was.

Question 10 – The last one – Who has the most career saves in the PL?

  1. Jeremy Harbaugh
  2. Brian Bigham
  3. Shawn Martin
  4. Chris Cote

The answer is, if you’re taking it the day this is released, both B and C. At the moment of writing, both Bigham and Martin are tied at 133 career saves. Harbaugh has 105, Cote has 99, and in fifth is Jared DeMartino with 83. If you’re not taking this the day this was released, assume the answer is Bigham.

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