2030 Brawndo Futures Teams

The 2030 Brawndo futures rosters have been selected and Brawndo would like to congratulate all the invitees. Before announcing the players a little time must be spent discussing the selection methodology.

Selection Methodology

Players who have had any major league experience, players over the age of 25, players drafted in the 2030 amateur draft, or players residing on youth academy rosters were not eligible for the futures rosters. Unfortunately due to an ongoing league investigation into widespread, systematic steroid use and other improprieties within the Dallas organization all players from this storied organization have also been removed from consideration.

Of the players who were eligible for selection the primary criteria was performance. Players’ performance was given a weighted score based on a sliding scale governed by league level and age. While the primary selection criteria was performance there was also a small consideration given to OSA scouting scores.

Each roster comprise eight position player starters, five position bench players, five starting “rotation” pitchers, six relief pitchers, and one starting pitcher in the bullpen.

The Snubs

All teams with eligible players in the selection pool were granted a minimum of one representative. Although all players selected are considered deserving candidates there are other players who were under consideration but ultimately excluded when final cuts were made. The players just missing the following cuts were the following:

RP Bobby Lopez Los Angeles
SP Cesar Machado Cincinnati
SP Chris Hunter Los Angeles
RP Eric Finch Chicago
SP Luis Villalva Chicago
RP Marcus Fullwood Cincinnati
C Ruben Hernandez Cincinnati

American Roster


C Justin Cox Carolina
1B John Rankin Chicago
2B Jason Forrester New York
3B Jim Andersen San Diego
SS Joe Ferguson Austin
LF Gordie McCormick Florida
CF Byron Weis Los Angeles
RF Korey Harris Cincinnati


1B Sean Milbrandt Salt Lake City
SS Austin Nemeth Wichita
LF Edwin Tercero Boston
2B Kevin Keller Salt Lake City
LF Joe Brown Carolina

Starting Rotation:

SP Frank Butsko Great Lakes
SP Branden Docter Detroit
SP Zachary Wallace Indianapolis
SP John June New York
SP Devin Gallagher Mexico City


RP Russ Chittester Midwest
RP Garrett Allen Detroit
RP Branden Abbott Bay Area
RP Danny Vallee New York
RP James Kramer Salt Lake City
RP Eddie Ruelas DC
SP Howie Benoit Houston

World Roster


C Alex Soza Iowa
1B Antonio Ortiz Midwest
2B Emilio Elizondo Cincinnati
3B Ed Pablo Cincinnati
SS Miguel Molina Miami
LF Manny Rivas Great Lakes
CF Quintino Casiraghi Los Angeles
RF Danny Hernandez Los Angeles


SS Tony Zamarripa New York
LF Mario Gonzalez Chicago
2B Qi-chen Yuan Denver
1B Rikio Honda Philadelphia
CF Hector Ulloa Carolina

Starting Rotation:

SP Mario Valdez Miami
SP Alex Romero Oklahoma
SP Jose Diaz Sacramento
SP DeMario Partida Atlanta
SP Jesus Ureste Brooklyn


RP Chris Rivera Indianapolis
RP Bonifazio Martini Chicago
RP Felix Martinez Bay Area
RP Luis Solis Austin
RP Urs Eisses San Diego
RP Ivan Flores Hershey
SP Jose Mosqueda Arizona

A big congratulations again goes out to all the futures selections who will look to mutilate their organizations’ thirst for future stars.

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