2032 CBA Mock Draft

For any dismayed draft fans who saw a historically weak 2031 draft class lead to six (!!!) relievers being picked in the first round, the 2032 class will bring the top notch talent that was missing last time around. Without further ado, here’s which potential superstar your team will take.

  1. New York Roar- SP Dana Lane (LSU) – One improvement that could be made to the Roar’s impressive trove of young talent is an elite southpaw. Enter Dana Lane. The two-time NCAA champ is battle tested, and has been the best pitcher for the Tigers throughout his career. Posting a 3.79 ERA in his collegiate career, Lane will draw comparisons to another former Tiger left-hander, Nick Worthington.
  2. Brooklyn Bulldogs- CF Nate Armstrong (18U Phoenix Cardinals) – Once Eric Hipp returns to the Roar from loan, the loving media in New York City will certainly make the Bulldogs feel awful about not having a serviceable center fielder. Brooklyn can spare themselves of this humiliation by taking Nate Armstrong. A three-time 18U platinum stick winner who will be a plus defender in center should be the guy here. He’s also been notoriously healthy.
  3. Portland Axemen- 1B Kevin Farrington (18U Buffalo Beavers) – The Axemen are horrible. They are one of the worst teams in CBA history so far. That’s why they should avoid college players, and take someone who’s prime will coincide nicely with a rebuilding process. “Rush Hour” as they call him in Buffalo, is arguably the best pure hitter in the class, and still needs a bit more polish. That’s perfect for Portland.
  4. Bay Area Pandas- SP Matthew Felix (14U St. Paul Penguins) – Nothing goes together better than the Pandas and middle-schoolers. With their recent losing, the Pandas have positioned themselves perfectly to land the king of the playground, Matthew Felix. The southpaw from Wisconsin has won pitcher of the year both of his two seasons and posted ERA+ of 343 and 458, respectively. It remains to be seen how he fares in Upper School classes, but this kid can sure throw a baseball.
  5. Seattle Titans- 2B Will McEvoy (NJCAA Navarro Bulldogs) – The expansion Titans need to not eff up this pick. It’s hard enough to start a winning team out of everyone else’s scraps, but if you miss on top talent, you’re never going to catch up. This is why they should take one of the safest players in the draft, Will McEvoy. This 21 year old has done nothing but rake. He reminds some scouts of a familiar face for the Seattle front office, Jamie Malchow. You can assuredly pencil this guy in at second for the next decade.
  6. New York Roar (via HOU)- SS Charles Bailey (NJCAA Laredo Lemurs) – Not really addressing a real need here, but the Roar could probably trade either Bailey or the pick if needed. The reviews on the young shortstop are mixed around the league, but he profiles as a very good starter in the CBA. He’ll be barely eligible to drink by draft day.
  7. Indianapolis Hawks (via MC)- SP Kyle Sandifer (Phoenix Cardinals) – This is a fantastic pairing. “The Dominator” gets to join an organization with a solid track record of developing young arms, and the Hawks get their claws on one of the highest ceiling prospects in the class. Scouts rave about Sandifer on and off the field. His draft stock could rise quickly between now and the draft.
  8. Salt Lake City Snappers- SP Eric Nixon (FSU) – Entering what appears to be a major rebuild, maybe the Snappers will build a pitching-based team this time around. If that’s the case, Eric Nixon makes a lot of sense. He’s posted very stellar stats in his NCAA career and he’s the safest pitcher not named Dana Lane in this class. It’s not much of a gamble to pick this kid from Las Vegas.
  9. Philadelphia Liberty- SS Clay Williams (FLA) – If I had to build a perfect player for Philadelphia to take with this pick, he would look a lot like Clay Williams. Ed Altman is not the answer at SS, but the Liberty need someone quick, as they look primed to move up to the SL. Williams is a fantastic athlete who grew up less than two hours away from Philly. This makes too much sense.
  10. Midwest Plainsmen- SP Jeff Lucas (18U Fort Worth Brewers) – With a brand-new GM, it’s hard to gauge what direction the Plainsmen will look with this pick. A durable starting pitcher who is young enough to allow the organization’s talent base to grow significantly makes a lot of sense. Scouts rave about his stuff, and teammates all agree that he’s a great locker room presence. He’s fringe top 10 according to my sources.
  11. Atlanta Hawks- RF Ryan Bauer (ASU)
  12. Indianapolis (via LA)- SP Sean Seawright (NJCAA Cochise)
  13. Austin (via Iowa)- SP Hugo Cruz (NJCAA Grayson)
  14. Oklahoma- CF Sam Lynch (NJCAA Cochise)
  15. Los Angeles (via ARZ)- SP Khalil Smith (NJCAA Yavapai)
  16. Austin (via CHI)- C Dustin Wallner (TCU)
  17. Great Lakes- SS Chris Fernandes (UT)
  18. Wichita- 2B Danny Deneen (16U San Diego)
  19. Indianapolis- 1B Ryan Reel (NJCAA Arizona Western)
  20. Boston- P Jesse Hamner (NJCAA Yavapai)

Picks 21-30, at this point, would just be throwing a dart from a mile away. Thanks for reading!


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