Rounds 1-3 2032 Draft Review

This is Addison Del Hoyo, Scouting Director for the Great Lakes Monsters. Now that the 2032 Draft prep is over, my boss told me I could write an article critiquing and celebrating other GMs through the first three rounds. He did mention that I shouldn’t explain my processes too much, as they are team secrets. Apparently, “Almost every other team has won more games than us, they don’t want our formulas,” was not an acceptable response. The only thing that’s necessary background info is that we use a 20/80 grading system. I will be copying the structure of legendary Houston Moondogs Scouting Director Bill Green’s past articles, as imitation is the greatest form of flattery. The only significant difference is that I will be reviewing the first three rounds, because I got bored of waiting for other GMs to pick, and not analyze depth picks. Without further ado, here are my top 25 draft prospects:

Age Player Grade Team Pick
21 Mike Arndt 68 GLBC 15
21 Charles Bailey 67 NY 1
22 Ryan Bauer 67 MW 5
15 Larry Lenahan 67 IOW 28
21 Ryan Reel 67 MIA 32
14 Ross Wehling 65 OKLA 44
19 Kevin Farrington 64 IND 12
19 Kyle Sandifer 62 BAP 4
22 Eric Nixon 62 DEN 22
21 Sam Lynch 62 SLC 24
22 Clay Williams 61 BRK 2
22 Dustin Wallner 61 NY 6
17 Bryan Medley 60 IND 7
19 Corey Mello 60 OKLA 14
22 Chris Fernandes 60 IND 29
21 Aaron Switzer 60 CAR 51
22 Jake Limberger 60 FLA 53
22 Jeremy Lindstrom 60 BRK 80
19 Abban Sukarno 60 MC 84
17 Danny Deneen 59 ATL 11
21 Shawn Seawright 59 DC 17
21 Will McEvoy 58 POR 3
22 Dana Lane 57 SLC 8
21 Jesse Hamner 57 AUS 16
22 Alex Castillo 57 BOS 20

As you can see, we loved the hitters in this class. Only five pitchers cracked our top 25. Our system doesn’t account for position, so Bailey seems underrated. Full disclosure, we would’ve taken him first overall as well. We think that the Indianapolis Hawks (3), Brooklyn Bulldogs (2), New York (2), Oklahoma Mammoths (2), and ourselves (2) added the most top prospects in this class.

The system we use to rate players is not our final decision maker, as it doesn’t account for gut feel, statistics, position or personality. It is purely based on hitting potential and age. That is why we passed on Abban Sukarno and Jeremy Lindstrom, the two last picked in our top 25. Our scouting department liked Sukarno a lot, but felt that he had a high bust likelihood. Lindstrom underperformed in college, which is what scared us away.  

You’re never supposed to draft for need, but here’s who were the best drafted players at each position through three rounds:

Dustin Wallner Larry Lenahan Danny Deneen Corey Mello Charles Bailey David Dennhardt Sam Lynch Mike Arndt Kyle Sandifer
Mike Mather Ryan Reed Will McEvoy Abban Sukarno Clay Williams Jesus Moreira Aaron Switzer Ryan Bauer Eric Nixon
Antonio Wynder Ross Wehling Bryan Flanigan Justin Taylor Chris Fernandes Phil Wells Nate Armstrong Jeremy Lindstrom Shawn Seawright
Jesse Hamner
Alex Castillo

This class was really strong at 1B, SS and RF. Pitchers were pretty hard to come by, but the top five could be a pretty stout staff with Hamner as an elite stopper. Every one of my top prospects at each position went to unique teams. I think if you took these 29 guys and put them on the same team, you could someday have the makings of a low-end Premier League team.

Lastly, instead of grading each team’s limited overall haul, I’ve decided to show everyone who we think the best value picks have been so far:

Name Team Pick Number
Abban Sukarno MC 84
Jeremy Lindstrom BRK 80
Ross Wehling OKLA 44
Ryan Reel MIA 32
Larry Lenahan IOW 28
Mike Arndt GLBC 15
Jake Limberger FLA 53
Aaron Switzer CAR 51
Chris Mays SLC 58
Sam Lynch SLC 24
Austin Ramirez WIC 78
Justin Taylor GLBC 65
Casey Fischer DEN 73
Eric Nixon DEN 22
David Dennhardt ARZ 56
Nate Armstrong GLBC 47
Chris Fernandes IND 29
Kevin Farrington IND 12
Mark Knowles BAP 57
Bobby Dietz DC 54
Dave Camp MC 67
Tinh Xuan BRK 52
Jeff Lucas NY 36
Mike Perry MW 48

Hope this breaks up the slow-draft blues!

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