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Since BNN does not rank all prospects across the league under one list, independent and well respected prospect guru Sergio Teran has taken the time to create a top 25 CBA prospects list. He has left out players who are currently injured, so if you are wondering where Bobby Amundson and Manny Cardona are, the DL is where they are.  

#1 – SS Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is an 18 year old shortstop out of Venezuela, he possess great bat to ball skills, potential to hit 35 HRs a year, and is a plus defender. With experience he could have the ability to play all 4 infield positions and all 3 outfield positions. His high ceiling, and versatility both at the plate and in the field make him the clear number 1 prospect in the CBA.

#2 – SP Kyle Sandifer 

Sandifer was just drafted with the 4th pick by Bay Area. He put up 3 fantastic years in 18u, and there’s nothing to suggest he won’t do anything but continue to dominate after going pro. He throws a 4 pitches, a cutter, a slider, a changeup, and a curveball. His cutter, slider, and changeup all have to chance to develop into elite major league pitches, but scouts would like to see him get rid of the curveball altogether as it has been ineffective up to this point. 

#3 – SP Joe McGuire 

McGuire currently plays for the Lexington Barons in the Royals farm system, and is the team’s #1 prospect. He has fantastic stuff, he owns an arsenal made up of three plus plus pitches, a fastball, a slider, and a changeup. In all likelihood McGuire will lead the league in strikeouts multiple times in his career, all while doing a pretty good job of preventing the longball. McGuire has a bright future ahead of him. 

#4 – SP Matthew Felix

Felix is a lean left hander from Wisconsin, he has the highest ceiling of any of the names on this list, but he is far from a sure thing. He truthfully has the chance to be an all-time great, one with no holes in his game. The reason why he doesn’t rank higher, is because of his age and his height. As with all 14/15/16 year old prospects, there is much more time for something to go wrong, and a much bigger chance scouts projections are wrong. Along with that he has some real injury risks, he has already had a major surgery. With his 6’8 height at such a young age, skinny frame, and injury history, there are worries that his body will not hold up. 

#5 – SS Charles Bailey

Bailey, the most recent #1 pick, is very similar to our #1 prospect Alex Rodriguez. His hit tool projects very well and will likely hit for a very high average. Above average power, but nothing special. Overall he looks to be a well rounded hitter, but defense is where he shines. Like Rodriguez, he could have a future playing all 4 infield positions, and all 3 outfield positions. With the right coaching and plenty of playing time at positions other than SS, he could be a Dick’s Dominant Defender candidate at 6 or 7 different positions. 

#6 – 1B Sidney Webb

The 1st baseman from Foxborough, MA, is as good as it gets at the plate. Webb is truly a pitchers nightmare. Expect him to terrorize minor league pitching staffs at all levels until he gets the call to the big leagues. Despite just turning 18 today, his bat is getting close to being major league level. There is nothing he can’t do at the plate, he hits for a very high average, doesn’t strike out much, knows the zone very well, and has the potential to have elite power. Webb may be a future triple crown winner, and a once in a generation type of hitter. The reason why he doesn’t rank higher though, is because that’s what he is, a hitter. He will be average defensively at 1st base but a liability anywhere else. He can’t run and won’t help a team much on the basepaths, but boy, can he hit. 

#7 – 2B Juan Rojas

Another middle infielder in the Miami system, Rojas is a very smart player and a great clubhouse presence. The 20 year old is fantastic defensively and has some of the fastest hands you will ever see in the field. Already has fantastic contact and projects into a very high average player who barely strikes out. Slightly above average power and above average plate discipline. If he develops into the player scouts around the league think he can be, Miami will have the best middle infield combo ever, between Rodriguez and Rojas. 

#8 – SP Nick Turner

Drafted in the first round of the 2031 draft, Turner has struggled a lot in professional baseball so far. Don’t worry Great Lakes fans, you may have to be patient with him, but he is still a fantastic prospect. He has outstanding offspeed pitches in his curveball and changeup, lots of break on them, they are his go-to out pitches, he will get LOTS of swings and misses on them. 

#9 – SP Eric Nixon

The FSU Alumni Eric Nixon is as close to a sure thing as you can get. He doesn’t have the ceiling some of the other guys on this list has, but he will likely make a big league roster next year. He has a filthy fastball/changeup combination and a very effective cutter to go with it. He almost certainly will produce for the Wolves. 

#10 – 3B Corey Mello

Seeing Mello this high may be surprising to some, but here he is. The best part of his game at the plate is his fantastic plate vision. He will draw a ton of walks, and will almost never chase a pitch outside of the zone. He pairs the plate vision with projectable hit and power tools that look to be above average. In the field he has an above average glove, and an absolute cannon. If you still aren’t convinced he should be this high, he absolutely dominated the 18u league. His career slashline there was .373/.472/.647, with a 160 OPS+. Absolutely ridiculous, right? But wait, it gets better. In his final year in 18u he put up an unreal slashline of .458/.537/.843, good for an OPS of 1.381, and an OPS+ of 220. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

#11 – SP Danny Horsey

A rare flamethrowing lefty, Horsey part of a very good minor league pitching trio for Salt Lake City. He can run it up past 100 consistently, and has an unbelievably good fastball. He works off of his fastball with an already very good changeupl still with room to improve, and a curveball that needs work but has very good potential. He has some control issues, but nothing to really worry about. Looks like a future ace. 

#12 – P James Kramer

The second part of the Salt Lake City pitching trio, Kramer, is basically major league ready. Also a MA native, like his future partner in crime (the crime of embarrassing major league hitters) Horsey, Kramer has some very promising stuff. Will likely be a high strikeout pitcher, but it is unclear if he will be a reliever or starter. As of right now he only has 2 effective pitches, which would make him an unappealing starter, but if he can improve his changeup he will make the front of the Snappers pitching staff very good in the near future.  

#13 – SP Robby Reyes

Reyes, a left handed starter for the Marble Falls Marauders, has to potential to be an ace for Austin in the future, and will be ready to contribute at the major league level soon. He strikes a lot of guys out, but other than that nothing really stands out about him, he’s just really good at everything. He has pitched very well in the minors and looks like a pretty consistent high end pitcher. 

#14 – SP Dana Lane

Newly drafted Dana Lane is the final piece of the minor league pitching trio for the Snappers. Lane may wind up with 4 plus plus major league pitches, and a whole lot of strikeouts in his career. He is also not too far off from being a big league pitcher, so we could be looking at a very scary rotation for SLC very soon. 

#15 – CF Marvin Bazan

A great find by the ATL scout, Bazan is a potential 5 tool player, with well rounded abilities at the plate. Slightly above average power and contact, but the amount of walks he will take will make him very valuable. He will be a high OBP guy, and with his blazing speed and great base stealing ability he should wind up on second base a lot. Watch for him to top the league in SB at least once. On defense he has one of the best arms you will ever see, and will be a top tier defender at all 3 outfield positions. 

#16 – SP Tony Sipe

Sipe has a large variety of ways to attack you, with 6 pitches. His curveball is expected to be ineffective at the major league level, but that still leaves him with 5 pitches, ranging from average to plus. He doesn’t throw hard but he will keep hitter off balance, and looks like a very good young arm. 

#17 – CF Max Fuller

Fuller is another potential 5 tooler, with plus contact and plus power. He will strike out very infrequently, and will be a solid major league bat. The basepaths and in the field is where he really shines though, the uber athletic outfielder has elite speed and will steal a ton of bases. Defensively he is a stud in the outfield, does everything well out there. May be able to play some infield (2B?) in the future too. 

#18 – SS Juan Baltazar

Baltazar does everything at the plate well, but nothing great. Shortstop is a weak hitting position in the CBA currently so he will be one of the best hitters in the league at his position. He will be one of the best defenders in the league, with the ability to play anywhere in the infield. He has a cannon and looks like he would be great at 3B, but has fantastic hands that would be wasted anywhere but middle infield. 

#19 – RF Ryan Bauer

Bauer was drafted with the 5th pick out of Arizona state, and this kid can really hit. At 22 he is almost ready for a starting spot on the Titans roster, and he can do everything at the plate. Will hit for plus plus contact and plus plus power, all while being a slightly above average defensive right fielder. Great prospect. 


#20 – SP Aaron Kitchens

The only thing I can say about Kitchens’ stuff, is it’s pure filth. He’s a sinker baller with two very very good offspeed pitches, his curveball and changeup. He suffers from some major control issues, but has no other issues with his game. One of the best you will see at limiting the longball, and will have no issues striking out tons of batters. 

#21 – SP Gabe Dittman

Dittman is a left hander throws mostly inside to righties, and mostly away from lefties. Solid stuff, his weapon of choice is his cutter, which grades out as a plus plus pitch. Good changeup and curveball, and is expected to pitch very well throughout the minors. 

#22 – SS Clay Williams

This year’s 2nd overall pick has world class speed, and crazy defensive capabilities. Projects to be one of the best defenders in the league, and has a decent bat to go with it. He hit for a very high average in college, expect it to go down as a pro, but not by too much. Looks like brooklyn has a future top 5 SS on their hands. 

#23 – SP Mike Brown 

Mike Brown has developed very well since being drafted in 2028, and hopes to be called up soon. He walks very few batters, and allows very few homers. He will likely be kept in the minors to see if he can develop his curveball, as Denver hopes to use him as a starter in the future. He may start his CBA career has a reliever. 

#24 – SP Joe Mindel 

Mindel is currently dominating in the SL-YA, posting a 1.98 ERA up to this point. Good control of his fastball, plus plus curveball, plus forkball. Gets a lot of groundballs, and has the ability to throw a lot of pitches. He could be a future innings pitched leader, heading a DC rotation. 

#25 – CF Edgar Ramirez 

Ramirez specialty is defense, but he won’t let you forget about his offense either. His contact is nothing special but it is above average, and if he adds some strength he could be consistently hitting 20 HRs a year. Great speed but isn’t the best base stealer, but that speed helps him in the outfield. He covers a ton of ground and is a great defensive centerfielder, and will likely win multiple Dick’s Dominant Defender awards.

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