Introducing The CBA Hall of Fame

When Kyle Editsworth unveiled the new CBA Hall of Fame logo last week, the Hall of Fame was under construction. After furiously building the Hall, we are now ready to show what the Hall will look like.

Players elected will receive their own plaque, and the statistics listed will be chosen by the GM who held the player under control for the team he will go in elected under. There are over 70 statistic choices listed, with an additional option to create a statistic if there is one not listed. The plaque contains a link to the players’ Statsplus page, shows their image, awards, and a description of their career which includes the reasons elected that are not visible.

CBA Today lead contributor James Austin has been selected as the curator of the Hall of Fame and has set up initial rules for election. They are the following:

  1. There shall be a waiting period of three years before being put on the ballot. The initial ballot shall consist of players who retired at or before 2029.
  2. The player shall be elected into the Hall of Fame if he is included on 2/3rds of the ballots turned in.
  3. All ballots will be made public at the end of voting. Until the end of voting all ballots will be private. Electors are free to discuss who they voted for but are not required to release their ballots until the Hall of Fame does so.
  4. Ballots will not have a maximum or minimum number of inductees;They will, however, include a list of players that can be voted upon. Write-in candidates will be thoroughly screened, then will be announced separately if they are found to meet the standards of ballot inclusion.
  5. There is no minimum number of service years to be included on the ballot – this is to ensure that the players who were participants in the inaugural season are not looked over because the league did not exist during their playing years.
  6. Any player who receives either no votes or one vote is placed on a list. If they do not receive two or more votes the following year they are kicked off the ballot.
  7. The ballot and list of players will be revealed after the CBA Championship Series and shall remain active until January 1st of the following year.

The CBA Hall of Fame is excited to begin the new step in recognizing the greats of prior years.

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