2033 CBA Mock Draft 1.0

From the Desk of the Great Lakes Baseball Club GM:

Using OSA rankings and stats, here is a 2033 Mock Draft!


  1. New York Roar- SP Efrain Vargas (NCAA Rice)


We have been hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked and led astray. This is a pick that will live in CBA infamy. For the Roar, they land a starting pitcher having one of the best seasons in NCAA history, sporting a 5-0 record with a 0.65 ERA over 55 innings pitched. For everyone else, we can only hope his control holds him back. League sources tell me this is a lock.


  1. New York Roar- SP Jonathon Lampkin (NJCAA Laredo)


With a 20 grade spelling of his first name paired with a three 70+ graded pitches, Lampkin makes a lot of sense here. He’s a bit undersized, but he’s posted very solid stats and has all the tools to be another good piece for the Roar. The recent trade of three pitchers to Arizona indicates  back to back pitcher selections here.


  1. Bay Area Pandas- CF Sonny Berg (NCAA Louisville)


The first of many Bay Area selections should be Sonny Berg. The five tool center fielder is a surefire big league contributor and is the safest player in the class. Limited ceiling is a bit of a concern, but the Pandas have tons of other picks to shoot to go heavy on upside. They can’t afford to miss here.


  1. Brooklyn Bulldogs- 3B Aaron Hannah (NJCAA Cochise)


The Bulldogs opt to take a local kid here, with the Rochester native. Not to be confused with the DC starting pitcher of the same name, Hannah brings surefire production an organization that needs good players.


  1. Indianapolis Hawks- 2B Dave Gerber (NJCAA Eastern Oklahoma State)


The Hawks are rebuilding right now, and boy do they need some help in the middle of their infield. Gerber projects as a long term PL quality solution at second base and an upgrade over former 1st round pick Gary Bean.


  1. Salt Lake City Snappers- SP Sam Carlin (16U Boston)


New GMs are difficult to project, but Carlin would be a great fit for the Snappers. We have graded his movement as the best in the class, which is a necessity in their little league ballpark. He’s also durable, which is cool.


  1. Seattle Titans- Bruce Gipson (NCAA Arizona)


If not for a major arm injury, Gipson probably could’ve gone first in this class. His changeup is off the charts wicked. He’s also a hard worker who’s ratings profile like former Denver Wolves first round pick Eric Nixon.


  1. Portland Axemen- 3B Adam Simpson (NCAA South Carolina)


The Axemen need upside, but they also need somebody to pencil in their lineup for the next 10 years. Simpson makes a ton of sense for them as a potential cleanup hitter. A good teammate, a clean bill of health, gold glove potential paired with his power hitting makes him a solid selection here.


  1. Philadelphia Liberty- CL Chris Severance (NCAA Houston)


After finally solving their revolving door at shortstop by stealing Steve Kwiecinski 42nd overall last year, this pick has to be a pitcher. If the Liberty want to contend in the PL, they will need to address their statistically worst bullpen in the SL. The back end of their pen is old. They should end their growing problems by selecting Chris Severance. He’s an extreme groundballer with electric stuff.


  1. Los Angeles Chilis- SP Steve Green (NJCAA Connor State)


Another team that needs high MOV pitchers, the Chilis can land Green here. The sidearmer has four plus pitches, coming in at 100 MPH. He strikes out a ton of guys, allows minimal HRs and has a clean bill of health. He makes too much sense for the Chilis.


  1. DC Eagles- SP Brad Hawks (16U Boston)
  2. San Diego Skylarks- SP Jerry Simpkins (NCAA Cal State Fullerton)
  3. DC Eagles- OF Rey Vazquez (NCAA Vanderbilt)
  4. Great Lakes Monsters- 2B Andy Arnett (16U Los Angeles)
  5. Bay Area Pandas- 1B Bruce Adams (NCAA Rice)
  6. Detroit Motors- CL Ian Blatner (NCAA LSU)
  7. Sacramento Golden Bears- SP Ryan Hooker (NCAA Houston)
  8. Midwest Plainsmen- SP Jason Lewin (NCAA LSU)
  9. Oklahoma Mammoths- SP Chris Zuniga (NJCAA Laredo)
  10. Portland Axemen- CL Joe Bennett (NCAA Oregon)
  11. Atlanta Swarm- LF Joe Buchanan (NCAA Arkansas)
  12. Portland Axemen- C Bobby McCullough (NJCAA Eastern Oklahoma)
  13. Denver Wolves- CF Ryan Kraus (NJCAA Connor State)
  14. Bay Area Pandas- SP Sebastian Williams (16U Dallas)
  15. San Diego Skylarks- LF Seth Garza (16U San Diego)
  16. Cincinnati Royals- RP Kevin Burki (NCAA Oregon)
  17. Florida Giants- RP Brennan Dombrowski (NJCAA Grayson)
  18. DC Eagles- 2B Jason Delker (16U Seattle)
  19. Houston Moondogs- RF Cody Robbins (16U Harrisburg)
  20. Indianapolis Hawks- RP Garrett McGinnis (NCAA UCLA)

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