Rivalries In The CBA

With the constant moving of teams, up and down leagues, it’s hard to get long term rivalries started. We have, however, made a formula using our rivalry tool (which will be out soon), seeing who has the most bad blood in the league. This is a combination of regular season games, postseason games, and postseason series played against each other.

First, let’s start with the biggest rival for each team:

Team Rival Rivalry Score Other Notable Rivalries
Carolina Coyotes Iowa Predators 205 None
Miami Warriors Detroit Motors 463 Florida Giants
Cincinnati Royals
Los Angeles Chilis DC Eagles 212 None
Houston Moondogs Iowa Predators 205 Brooklyn Bulldogs
Florida Giants Miami Warriors 390 Iowa Predators
Detroit Motors
Cincinnati Royals
DC Eagles
Mexico City Chupacabras New York Roar 162 None
Atlanta Swarm Oklahoma Mammoths 222 None
DC Eagles Florida Giants 274 Miami Warriors
Detroit Motors
Cincinnati Royals
Midwest Plainsmen Sacramento Golden Bears 202 None
Iowa Predators Florida Giants 231.5 Miami Warriors
Carolina Coyotes
Boston Rogers Cincinnati Royals 219 None
San Diego Skylarks Miami Warriors 199 None
Cincinnati Royals Florida Giants 295 Miami Warriors
DC Eagles
Boston Rogers
Detroit Motors
Arizona Thunderbirds
Chicago Gale Detroit Motors 256.5 Denver Wolves
Portland Axemen Philadelphia Liberty 163 None
New York Roar Salt Lake City Snappers 209 Great Lakes Monsters
Indianapolis Hawks Detroit Motors 162 None
Salt Lake City Snappers New York Roar 209 None
Oklahoma Mammoths Atlanta Swarm 222 None
Wichita Weasels Carolina Coyotes 195 None
Detroit Motors Miami Warriors 463 Florida Giants
DC Eagles
Cincinnati Royals
Chicago Gale
Sacramento Golden Bears
Denver Wolves
Arizona Thunderbirds
Seattle Titans* Cincinnati Royals 316 None
Philadelphia Liberty Portland Axemen 163 None
Sacramento Golden Bears Detroit Motors 292 Midwest Plainsmen
Austin Outlaws Detroit Motors 172.5 None
Great Lakes Monsters New York Roar 204 None
Bay Area Pandas DC Eagles 165 None
Denver Wolves Chicago Gale 209 Detroit Motors
Arizona Thunderbirds Detroit Motors 215 Cincinnati Royals
Brooklyn Bulldogs Houston Moondogs 204 None

* Seattle includes time with Dallas – the listed score is Dallas’ rivalry but Dallas is not listed anywhere else
In this, any rivalry score over 200 is considered significant. At the moment, there are 25 significant rivalries in the league with one about to be pushed over the 200 mark (San Diego and Miami will play each other before the season ends).
Now, let’s take a look at the most heated rivalries – the Top 10 biggest rivalries in the league are…





Detroit Motors vs. DC Eagles

Rivalry Score: 229.5

While Detroit owns the regular season record 57-43 over DC, DC scored its championship series win against the Motors in 2029. In PL competition Detroit has a 50-41 all time record against DC.





Florida Giants vs. Iowa Predators

Rivalry Score: 231.5

Although the two teams have been in the same league together for only this season (with Iowa potentially dropping back to the SL), the postseason history between these two is extensive. They’ve met three different times in the postseason (2024, 2031, 2032) with Florida taking the series twice in 2031 and 2032.





Florida Giants vs. Detroit Motors

Rivalry Score: 246

The two teams have played 166 games against each other, with Florida taking a 92-74 advantage over Detroit in the regular season. Amazingly, the two teams have yet to match up against each other in the postseason – though that may change this year as Florida and Detroit are both in spots to make the playoffs. The Motors do sport a win over the Giants in the President’s Cup Finals from 2031.





Miami Warriors vs. Cincinnati Royals

Rivalry Score: 253

Cincinnati leads the all time series against Miami 69-58, although in PL play the series tightens to 60-55. The two teams have one playoff series between each other, in 2030, with Miami coming out on top in game five in a series where both teams averaged seven runs a game.





Chicago Gale vs. Detroit Motors

Rivalry Score: 256.5

An old school rivalry, Chicago won the inaugural full league in 2021 with two more wins than Detroit. After that season, Detroit would consider it a non-rivalry, as Detroit has led the all time series 65-25 and also is 7-1 against the Gale in the postseason.





Florida Giants vs. DC Eagles

Rivalry Score: 274

DC-Florida has been an even competition throughout the years, with a 53-52 lead for DC (50-43 in PL play). Florida has taken the postseason series both times the teams have met, once in five games in 2025 and a second series in four games in 2030.





Detroit Motors vs. Sacramento Golden Bears

Rivalry Score: 292

For a surprising entry, the two teams have an extensive history of Detroit beating the snot out of the Bears. Detroit leads the all time series 78-32, though Sacramento does own a series win against Detroit in 2027. The other time the teams met was in 2029, with Detroit taking the series in five.





Florida Giants vs. Cincinnati Royals

Rivalry Score: 295

Cincy leads the all time regular season matchups 78-74, though the Giants do own a postseason series win against the Royals in 2031.





Miami Warriors vs. Florida Giants

Rivalry Score: 390

In 2021, the teams split the 12 game series that year 6-6, which would be an indication for how the future series would go – even. Florida leads the regular season 61-59. The last three postseasons have featured a matchup between the two, with Florida taking the championship in 2030 and Miami taking the championship in 2031 and and additional series in 2032. Miami also has a P-CUP win against Florida in 2030.





Miami Warriors vs. Detroit Motors

Rivalry Score: 463

Detroit leads the PL play 59-53, though the two teams share the most extensive postseason history in the league’s history – 20 postseason games have been played between the two since the league’s inception, with Miami taking three of four series – 2025, 2031, and 2032 for Miami and 2029 for Detroit. Miami won the championship in 2032 against Detroit.

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