by C.C. McCandless

Below are a collection of entirely random salary-related notable nuggets I found while perusing the Big Offseason File.

  • Portland has less than $21 million of payroll guaranteed through 2040. That’s TOTAL…not per season.
  • Over that same time period, Midwest will pay Mario Diaz nearly $160 million…to play for Wichita. Other notable names that were paid in full by one club to play for another last year were Miguel Ocampo ($29,000,000), Tye Bruce ($24,195,000) and Jason Surface ($15,500,000).
  • On a related note, Premiere League teams getting one of those guys for free combined for a .587 winning percentage and both qualified for the Tournament of Champions. The Bronze League teams paying the freight for those two had a winning percentage of .420 and finished in the bottom half of the CBA’s lowest tier.
  • Those admittedly cherry-picked numbers are not intended to make anyone look bad, but possibly they could serve as a reminder that paying a stud 100% to go play for somebody that’s already good might not be a fantastic strategic decision.
  • This season, Bay Area Panda Kahoaalohakupaa Aleferede will earn $5,666 for each letter in his name. Without looking, I’m fairly certain that’s the lowest per-letter salary in the CBA. At the other end of the spectrum, Florida Giants ace Craig Tipler will bring home $4,000,000 per letter.
  • I told you these would be entirely random.
  • In 2036, the Miami Warriors paid Ryan Reel just $50,000 per WAR. Andy Murray got less than $29,000 per WAR from Indy and Salt Lake.
  • In the final season of his five year deal, Tony Varela stole $40 million from Mexico City in return for a WAR of -0.5.
  • Four of the top six players in both the Silver and Bronze Leagues (by WAR) made the league minimum. In the Premiere League? Four of the top five also made the minimum.
  • Nine out of ten current Premiere League teams have a starting pitcher that made at least $15 million last season. The only exception is Austin.
  • The only starting pitcher in the Silver League to make $15 million last season is Boston’s Nick Mowrey.
  • And the only one in the Bronze was Grand Theft Varela (Alex Ovalle made $16 million but 13 of his 15 appearances were out of the bullpen).
  • Comissioner Dustyn Richardson has earned exactly zero dollars for approximately 3,792 hours of work for the CBA. Thanks, commish…we appreciate everything you do!

C.C. McCandless

General manager of the Denver Wolves of the Championship Baseball Association.

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