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Welcome new members! This is post is designed to get you set up in the Skyline league. It's extremely important to follow this step by step if you're not sure what to do. When asking for help, please reference the step that has you hung up. *OOTP should be closed before attempting this!*

This is not as daunting as it may seem. Once you find your saved games folder, everything is pretty easy as long as you follow the instructions.

1. Begin downloading the league starter file. Once it is downloaded, Unzip the file.
--League File - ...
2. Locate your saved games folder. Easiest way if you don't know how, Open OOTP 19, Navigate to Settings, Navigate to Troubleshooting tab, Click the link that says "Open folder containing saved games."
3. Move the now unzipped folder to the exact saved games folder that you found in step 2. Ensure the skyline.lg actually has the .lg at the end (rename the folder to skyline.lg).
4. Verify that the skyline.lg folder has contents in it. You should see settings, ball caps, news, and jerseys folders. There also should be 17 .dat files, including a world.dat
5. Take the accountsdata_gms.dat file the commish will send you and place the file into the settings folder within the league folder. Ensure that is is named exactly as accountsdata_gms.dat. If it looks like accountsdata_gms (2).dat, for example, it will not work.
-- *If you get an "Error: could not open archive file" message when attempting to download the update, you did not do this step correctly. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=104
6. Ask the commish if your GM profile is on the server. If yes, continue to step 7. If not, still continue to step 7 with the understanding that you will continue to use the guest profile and are just updating your files to the current state. This is needed to confirm correct installation. When the commish updates the file, repeat steps 7-10.
7. Open OOTP and load the SKY
-- *Uncheck the "Run full check for correct logos, jerseys and caps after loading league" box in the load game window when re-loading
8. Find the SKY Guest profile and select it. Go to file - Online League - Download Latest League File. If you get an error that says, "Error: could not open archive file", re-verify that you did step 5 correctly.
9. Verify that you're on the correct in-game date by checking the #commish_announcements channel in Slack. Do not attempt to download an update if the in-game date is correct.
10. Export to verify your status. You should always verify that your export goes through by using the Export Tracker <--Link

11. Change your Slack display name to City abbreviation - First name, (PIT - Joe, for example)
12. Register for the forum (this thread is in the forum you need to register for). Your username should match your slack display name, City Abbreviation - First name.
13. Log into StatsPlus <-- Link
14. Inform a commish that you need to be associated in StatsPlus
15. Once logged into StatsPlus, go to preferences in the right top corner, enable slack message on export.

Common locations of saved_games directory on a PC:
/program files/out of the park developments/ootp 19/data/saved_games
/program files/steam/steamapps/common/OOTP 19/data/saved_games

If you have a directory of saved games>ootp baseball 19, you're in the wrong location. The saved games folder that you want your league in, is within the ootp 19 folder

On a Mac:
Users/"Your User Profile"/Library/Application Support/Out of the Park Developments/OOTP Baseball 19/saved_games

Updated Logos
You can download an updated logo pack here ->
Instructions are included in the zip.

Commish and Founder of the Skyline Baseball League

GM of the Pittsburgh Pirates

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