Draft Lottery Results

The Draft Order has been set for the TBDL Inaugural Draft.  Congratulations to @marbakka and his Milwaukee Brewers they own the first overall pick.  If you missed the live results you can re-watch them here.

[one_half]Pick 1. Milwaukee Brewers

Pick 2. Seattle Mariners

Pick 3. Colorado Rockies

Pick 4. Arizona D-Backs

Pick 5. Minnesota Twins

Pick 6. St. Louis Cardinals

Pick 7. Cincinnati Reds

Pick 8. San Francisco Giants

Pick 9. New York Yankees

Pick 10. Chicago Cubs

Pick 11. Miami Marlins

Pick 12. Kansas City Royals

Pick 13. Chicago White Sox

Pick 14. Houston Astros

Pick 15. Los Angeles Angels[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Pick 16. Tampa Bay Rays

Pick 17. San Diego Padres

Pick 18. Pittsburgh Pirates

Pick 19. Baltimore Orioles

Pick 20. Cleveland Indians

Pick 21. Washington Nationals

Pick 22. Boston Red Sox

Pick 23. Detroit Tigers

Pick 24. Texas Rangers

Pick 25. Los Angeles Dodgers

Pick 26. Atlanta Braves

Pick 27. Oakland Athletics

Pick 28. Philadelphia Phillies

Pick 29. Toronto Blue Jays

Pick 30. New York Mets[/one_half_last]