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    Under Construction



    TBDL Format

      MLB AL/NL format playing a 162-game schedule, followed by the playoffs.

      GM Expectations:

    – Be active in league Slack – active meaning replying to messages, logging on at regular intervals, and voting in league polls.
    – Export team files for league simulations.
    – Vote (for your league) for All-Stars, End of Season Awards, and Hall of Fame
    – Keep your rosters current and organization fully staffed.
    – Treat fellow GMs with respect – any personal attacks will NOT be tolerated and are subject to immediate removal – we are all adults and are expected to act as such. If you wish to act like a child, you will be treated like one.

    Simulation Schedule

      – The league will be advanced 7 days on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:30 PM EST.
      – Livesims will be ran at 8:30 PM EST
      – From the end of the playoffs through opening day, sims will cover more time.
      – All exports are due at 8:15 PM EST on the day of simulation, sim will be run at 8:30 PM EST. If you must miss a few sims, please let the commissioner know.

      TBDL Settings:

    – Coaches are ON
    – Scouts are ON
    – Scouting accuracy is LOW
    – Injuries and suspensions are ON
    – Injuries will be set to LOW
    – Actual Ratings are ON
    – Potential Ratings are ON
    – Ratings are 20-80
    – Other Ratings are 1-10
    – OVR/POT Stars are OFF
    – Batter Aging (.950), Batter Development (1.000), Pitcher Aging (.950), Pitcher Development (1.000)
    – Personality, Morale and Storylines are ON
    – DH is On for National League; ON for American League
    – Season Length is 162 games
    – Dynamic Evolution is disabled (we will determine league evolution through proposals and voting)
    – Draft pick trading is ON but only for current and following year
    – 10/5 Rule is DISABLED
    – No-Trade Clauses can be offered and will be honored
    – Short-term disabled list is 15 days
    – Waiver period is 8 days
    – DFA period is 15 days
    – Draft Negotiations are OFF as picks are auto signed
    – Players who sign during off-season free agency cannot be traded until the end of Spring Training
    – Rule 5 Draft is OFF
    – Advanced Signee Bonus’ are OFF. You will not need to sign draft picks, they are auto signed for you.
    – Development Budget is OFF. You will not be able to set a Development budget, the entire league will have the same development rate.
    – Stats+ will be used for all awards voting & Drafting

    League Finances:

      – Team owners will have control over budgets.
      – Poor financial management can lead to negative consequences for you and your organization. Owners will not bail you out. If you are in the red at the end of the season you will be in the red to begin the next season

      Contract Rules:

    – Player, Team, & Vesting options are allowed!
    – Option Buyouts must be at least 25% of highest salary year of the contract.
    – For hitters: The Plate Appearance contract incentive may be set no higher than 625 PAs
    – For SPs: The Innings Pitched contract incentive may be set no higher than 215 IP, for RPs the IP incentive must be no more than 60 IP.
    – If you are signing a guy mid-season, offering him playing time bonuses that are impossible for him to fill will be considered a violation of our bonus rules. Failure to do these will result in one warning, further violations will result in the player being sent to Free Agency and the team being on the hook for money remaining on the contract.
    -You may offer 1-year extensions to get through arbitration years.


      – All trades must be posted in the Completed Trades Slack Channel
      – One team will post the trade, the other team must quote & post that they approve of the trade from their end.
      – You MAY include cash in a deal to even out trades and stay under budget


    GMs may customize their organizations in a few ways, including, but not limited to:
    – Turning retired/former players into coaches
    – Changing player names, adding nicknames (no real players or immature names)

    Trade Committee

    Seldom used outside of New GMs, but to protect the competitive integrity of the league we have a trade committee that will review any trade that seems completely lopsided and egregious. We have had instances in the past with players controlling multiple teams or colluding with friends for lopsided deals. To prevent this, we will intervene if we see a pattern. This very rarely happens. Trade committee will mostly be used to help new GMs, explained further in the section below.

    New GM Incentives:

    — New GMs will be allowed to remove 1 contract, free of charge. That means the contract will be edited to 0 and the player will be released.

    — New GMs will have their team cash reset to 5 mil if less than 5 mil cash is available.

    — New GMs will be monitored by a trade committee, this is both to protect you and the integrity of the league. People often join, trade away all their draft picks, then lose & leave. To prevent this from happening, we have a committee in place to ensure trades are logical. This probation will only last 1-2 full seasons.


    Wild card is Best of 5
    All other rounds are Best of 7
    Format is TBD as of 2029, undergoing change based on league vote.


    – Scout Customization
    GMs will have the option to customize their scout before the inaugural draft.
    GMs must PM the commissioner with the following information:
    Scout Name
    450 points spread across the following 4 areas (no higher than 200 in any one area)
    Scout Majors
    Scout Minors
    Scout Internationally
    Scout Amateurs
    Scouting Preference (select one) – Highly Favor Ability, Favor Ability, Neutral, Favor Tools, Highly Favor Tools

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