The CLUB Rules

General governance of the CLUB.
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The CLUB Rules

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Champion Leagues United Baseball

2023 changes are in red.


The Commissioner will manage the daily operation of the CLUB, simulating games in a timely manner, maintaining league files and participating in GM discussions. He will respond to questions about the league and facilitate the recruitment and development of new members. The Commissioner will act in the best interest of the league at all times!

Leadership Committee
The leadership committee will consist of experienced OOTP GMs and former commissioners. These GMs will aid the Commissioner in league matters, provide opinion in sensitive issues, and be part of big decisions. They will be a point of contact for other GMs with questions or concerns about the league.

General Managers
GMs will own a copy of OOTP and expect to update to each new version, be active and responsive online, and export regularly. They should also post prior to any absence. Should a GM decide to leave the league, for any reason, it is expected that he or she send a brief note to the Commissioner so that we may find a replacement as quickly as possible.

The Commissioner reserves the right to take action should any GM fail to export or communicate in a timely manner or conduct him/herself in a way deemed detrimental to the league. Remember, we are here to compete, but also to have fun!

Teams must export at least once per real-time week (unless the commissioner has been notified prior of an absence or other unavailability). If any team does not export within this timeframe, they will receive a warning. If they do not export within the next two simulation periods, the leadership committee will vote to enact penalties up to and including removal from the league.

Association Structure

Champion Leagues United Baseball will consist of three 10-team leagues, made up of all 30 current major league franchises:
- Champion League Baseball (CLB) will consist of the top 10 teams.
- Professional League Baseball (PRO) will consist of the middle 10 teams.
- Tertiary Federation of Baseball (FED) will consist of the remaining bottom 10 teams.

Promotion/Relegation Rules
The top and bottom two teams in each League will automatically be promoted or relegated.

Tiebreaking Procedures
If two teams at the end of the season are tied for a postseason qualifying position, a tiebreaking regular season will be played to determine the winner. If three or more teams are tied, no tiebreaking games will be played. The standings order determined in-game by OOTP will be used.

Eight teams will participate in the playoffs. The CLB will send the top four teams. The PRO and FED will send their league champion (best record) and runner up. The round of eight for the CLUB playoffs will have the following matchups:
- CLB #1 vs. FED #2/#3
- CLB #4 vs. PRO #1
- CLB #2 vs. FED #1
- CLB #3 vs. PRO #2/#3
Promotion (play-in) and Quarterfinal Series are best-of-5. Semifinal Series and the World Series are best-of-7.

The Draft
Draft order is determined by league (in reverse order) and then by winning percentage. For example, the FED will have picks 1-10, PRO picks 11-20, and CLB picks 21-30. Promoted/relegated teams will draft with their new leagues.

Protected picks will be the worst ten records from the previous season, regardless of league or pick number.

Draft will be completed using StatsPlus.

Contracts and Extensions

A player may not be signed to an extension longer than one year until he has reached and been awarded arbitration at least once. Players with at least 4 years of major league service are automatically eligible for multi-year extensions.

For any contract, free agent or extension, with an annual value of $10MM or more, no contract year will be twice that of the lowest.

If two options are offered (player or team) in a contract, both must be the same.

Any free agent player is not eligible to be signed by any team until they appear in the FA pool.

Free agents are not eligible to be signed between the end of the World Series and the beginning of free agency. This applies especially for players who opt out when their team is relegated, per a clause in their contract.

Illegal Contract Penalties

Player is offered a multi-year extension before reaching arbitration: Contract shortened to one year at the highest guaranteed year, which will not count as an arbitration year if under 3 years ML service time at the time of extension.

Contract with a year valued above $10M in which the lowest year is less than half of highest year: any years less than 60% of highest contract year will be raised to 60% of highest contract year.

Two options years that are not the same: Both option years become guaranteed, 10% added to both.

Incentives too high (i.e. above 550 PAs): Incentive will be lowered to the maximum incentive threshold, minus 150% overage of your offer. (ex - you offered 600 PA incentive, max is 550. Penalty will be the incentive kicks in at 475 PAs (550 - 75 = 475))

Total incentives over 25% of lowest contract year: ALL incentives become guaranteed for every contract year.

Vesting option incentive too high: Vesting option will become guaranteed.

Every new member to the CLUB will have a 60 day (real life) grace period in which one violation will be voided without penalty.

Team Options
Each team option must have a 25% buyout. Violations will result in the year becoming guaranteed. However, OOTP '19 has a feature in which this can be set in-game. Hopefully we will not have an issue of illegal buyouts.

Vesting Options & Incentives
Vesting Option years and Incentives must be reasonable:

- PA (plate appearances) 550 or less
- IP (innings pitched) for starter (stamina 50+ not to exceed 160 innings
- IP for a reliever (stamina 45-) not to exceed 60 innings
- Games not to exceed their highest previous year.

Violations of vesting options will result in the year becoming guaranteed.

The maximum combined total incentives offered in a contract must not exceed 25% of the lowest contract year.

Trading Players

Trades must be posted and confirmed in the forum by both GMs before being processed.

The Trade Deadline is July 31st in-game, after which no trades (of any kind) will be processed until the day free agents file.

Trades are processed PRE-SIM. Instruct the Commissioner in the forum trade post, otherwise players will be DFA.


Free agent signings may not be traded until June 15th. Draftees are eligible to be traded after they have signed with drafting team.

Disallowed OOTP trades will be noted by the Commissioner and that trade voided (for example, teams may not trade further into the red, per OOTP).

Trading Draft Picks
Draft pick trading is not allowed.

Free Agent Compensation
If a qualified player rejects and offer and should they be signed by another team (in any league), the first will receive a COMP pick in the supplemental round between the 1st and 2nd rounds. OOTP does not handle multi-tiered leagues well with compensation. As commissioner, I may have to manually award compensation picks. Signing teams will lose a 1st round pick, unless they have a top 10 pick or do not have a 1st rounder.. In this case, they will lose their 2nd rounder.

COMP tags will be removed Opening Day.

Additional competitive balance picks will be awarded according to this formula: Teams will be ranked 1-30 according to league and finish (e.g. 1st: Top CLB team, 2nd: 2nd CLB team… 30th: 10th FED team. Promoted/relegated teams will be ranked within their new league, as they are for the amateur draft. Teams will also be ranked 1-30 according to budget. Budget ties will be broken by revenue, and standings ties will be broken by head-to-head record. These numbers will be totaled, and highest 1-5 teams will receive a competitive balance pick after the supplemental first round and before the second round. The highest 6-10 teams will receive a competitive balance pick after the supplemental second round and before the third round. Ties will be broken by team record.

Coaching and Scouting

Coaching is ON.

Scouting is ON (high accuracy).

Financial and General Settings

Attendance baseline 30,000.
Ticket price $25.00 (NOT to exceed $50)
Visiting team gate share is 20%
Draft compensation ON
National media contract is $35,000,000 - Fixed for all teams
Owners decide team budget
Revenue Sharing OFF (did not work well in testing)
Cash max $10,000,000
IAFA - Soft Cap of $5MM
DH in all leagues
10/5 Veto Trade Rule OFF
Player Actual, Potential, and Other Ratings 20-80 scale
DL 10-Day & 60-Day
Waivers 10 days
DFA 19 days
Injury frequency NORMAL
Delayed diagnosis NEVER
Suspensions OFF
Rainouts OFF
Storylines ON
GMs in control of lineups ON

Sim Schedule

During the regular season, the CLUB will simulate four times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. The weekday sims will be at at 10 am Eastern, and the weekend sims at 12 pm Eastern. Exports will be due at sim time (unless otherwise notified by Commissioner).

The postseason schedule will LIVE SIM half of each series at a time. When all remaining teams have exported, we will continue with the next sim.

Offseason will sim per Commissioner's posted schedule.