The StatsPlus web tools have been built from scratch, starting in early 2016, for a modern feature-rich interface to OOTP online leagues.

With a constantly expanding feature set, and views of your online league that no other tools provide, the StatsPlus web tools can quickly become an indispensable feature of your league.

  • Scouted ratings right on the web, no need to go into OOTP to see your scout's opinion
  • Draft tool fully integrated with Slack to provide updates and alert GMs for the next pick
  • Awards voting including All-Star, MVP, Cy Young, Rookie and Reliever of the Year, and Silver Slugger (Hall of Fame voting coming soon)
  • GM Login using Google, Facebook, or Slack login, no separate password to remember
  • Statistical views of players and teams featuring many modern stats - wOBA, wRC+, FIP, and more
  • Support for associations built-in from day one, including promotion-relegation leagues
  • Customizable roster check options to monitor league rules
  • Designed from the start to work equally well on desktop and mobile devices
  • One-click upload of the SQL from your machine to server via the S+ Desktop app, no FTP or unpacking hassle
  • Fast online support for issues via the StatsPlus Slack team
StatsPlus is a managed application, where the data and program run on a stable server on the web, so there's no web site configuration for a commish to worry about. Like other web applications, you are always running the latest version with new features added frequently.
Setup is a matter of configuring the SQL export from OOTP and answering a short list of questions, and your league can be running in less than an hour.
We'll eventually add a few screenshots below, but you're encouraged to explore the flagship league on StatsPlus, the USBA, to see how the site looks.
Current pricing for the StatsPlus web tool
Quarterly$18 / 3 months
Discounts are available for commissioners that are running multiple leagues and want StatsPlus available for all those leagues.
To get started today, send e-mail to dave at, you'll get an invite to the StatsPlus Slack group, and we'll get you going ASAP.
Need a place to host your OOTP league? Check out StatsPlus league hosting.