Hall of Memories

Welcome to the CBA Hall of Memories. Here you can find links to four pages that contain league history:

First, the Award History page contains all the individual player awards, such as MVPs, Pitcher of the Years, and Rookie of the Year awards, among others. It also contains the history of the President’s Cup and Tournament of Champions, as well as promotion and relegation data through all the years.

Second is the International Amateur Free Agent Tracker. This tool holds all the IAFA signing data, which can be searched up in terms of individual players, team spending, and league spending.

Third is the CBA Hall of Fame. This is a league-wide Hall of Fame that is a very exclusive club.

Fourth are Team Hall of Fames. Teams can use these pages, similar to the league Hall of Fame, to highlight individuals that were important for the team that may not get recognized other places.

Links to Pages:

Award History IAFA Tracker
League Hall of Fame Team Hall of Fame