2033 CBA Top Prospects

For much of the offseason, fans will be focused on the big name free agents. Across CBA front offices, much of the offseason will be focused on prospects, both internal and around the league. Using our proprietary MonSTAR projection sheet, the Great Lakes front office has ranked the top 150 prospects across all three leagues.
A few notes to keep in mind before you begin. Firstly, the sheet is not the final decision maker in Great Lakes, nor is it even a sizable portion of our decision-making process aside from during the draft. Secondly, the sheet doesn’t account for defense or positional value, so hitters are evaluated only on their hitting ability. Lastly, yes Neel van Baren is the sheets #1 prospect. Before you call us homers, know that we would trade him very easily for a handful of prospects around the league.
In our top 150 prospects, a few teams stood out as having the most top talent. New York Roar, led by our #11 prospect Efrain Vargas had 11 top prospects place for this article. Austin Outlaws had 10 prospects in our top 150, fronted by #3 Edgar Rocha. The most disappointing teams were Mexico City (1) and Arizona (0).
There will be articles later in the offseason about this ongoing project.
Top Prospects:

Rank POS Name Team B/T
1 RF Neel van Baren Great Lakes L
2 1B Sidney Webb Detroit R
3 LF Edgar Rocha Austin R
4 1B Larry Lenahan Iowa R
5 SS Alex Rodriguez Miami R
6 1B Kevin Farrington Indianapolis L
7 1B Danny Deneen Atlanta R
8 1B Bruce Adams Denver L
9 SP Bobby Dietz Salt Lake City R
10 SP Joe McGuire Cincinnati R
11 SP Efrain Vargas New York R
12 1B Ryan Reel Miami L
13 1B Bryan Medley Indianapolis R
14 LF Bobby Lyons Seattle L
15 RF Corey Stoll Houston L
16 LF Sam Lynch Salt Lake City L
17 SP Kyle Sandifer Bay Area R
18 SP Jerry Simpkins DC L
19 SP Mike Quinby Los Angeles L
20 RF Cody Robbins Portland R
21 2B Juan Rojas Miami R
22 2B Rey Vazquez DC R
23 SS Manny Gonzalez Philadelphia R
24 1B Tyler Hohenberger Salt Lake City R
25 RF Rogelio Maria Brooklyn L
26 1B Randy McDaniel Los Angeles L
27 CF Alex Llanos Wichita R
28 1B Nick MacDonald Philadelphia R
29 RP Leo Chacon Austin L
30 SP Esteban Delgado Austin R
31 CF Jose Alvarado Houston L
32 2B Will McEvoy Portland R
33 RF Anacleto Alpuim San Diego R
34 1B Ross Wehling Oklahoma R
35 2B Jose Contreras Denver R
36 2B Dave Gerber Bay Area R
37 SP David Patterson Detroit R
38 1B Jose Lopez DC R
39 SP Mike Brown Denver R
40 SP Diego Sandoval Midwest R
41 SP Jim Harris Philadelphia L
42 RP Daniel Bruner Austin L
43 SP Ryan Hooker Brooklyn R
44 SP Juan Maciel Sacramento R
45 RP Josh Cardillo Portland R
46 RP Jose Urena Sacramento R
47 SP Jerry Weber Cincinnati R
48 CF Max Fuller Detroit R
49 RP Guonçalle Brioso Great Lakes R
50 1B Tim Stokes Midwest L
51 SP Matthew Felix Indianapolis L
52 CF Sonny Berg Bay Area R
53 CF Nate Armstrong Great Lakes L
54 3B Justin Taylor Great Lakes R
55 3B Aaron Hannah Sacramento R
56 CF Rheinhardt Myers Florida L
57 3B Sean Roberge Iowa R
58 2B Rafael Corral Carolina R
59 CF Ryan Kraus Portland R
60 LF Seth Garza Oklahoma R
61 CF Alexis Soto Chicago R
62 2B Jason Delker New York R
63 1B Jason Kennedy Carolina L
64 1B Jimmy Billings Miami R
65 SP Sam Carlin Florida L
66 SP Kyle Boston San Diego R
67 SP Shawn Seawright Iowa L
68 SP Luis Morales Oklahoma L
69 RP Sandy Pardo Austin L
70 RP Sidney Page Chicago R
71 SP Alex Gomez Atlanta R
72 SP Jose Piceno Great Lakes R
73 SP Travis Basurto Denver R
74 RP Chase Anderson Portland R
75 RP Danny Berry Bay Area R
76 SP Jeff Lucas New York L
77 SP Jonathon Lampkin New York L
78 CF Jeremy Bitikofer San Diego R
79 SP Nick Turner Great Lakes R
80 LF Vicente Duran Iowa L
81 CF Al Amescua Indianapolis L
82 2B Andy Arnett Indianapolis R
83 SP Javier Reyes Midwest L
84 RP Chris Rivera Indianapolis R
85 SP Rich Gonzales Salt Lake City L
86 1B Jonathan Ndiaye Iowa L
87 1B Jeremy Crossan DC L
88 1B Alfonso Alvarez Detroit L
89 2B Ryan Estes Cincinnati R
90 CF Matthew Bloom Miami R
91 2B Ted Betts Midwest R
92 RF Carlos Arroyo New York R
93 CF Alex Ordaz New York R
94 3B Corey Mello Oklahoma R
95 RP Scott Slusser Austin R
96 RP Justin Temoney DC R
97 RP Andy Vera Iowa R
98 1B Mike Pifer Austin L
99 RP Chris Severance Indianapolis L
100 SS Chris Fernandes Indianapolis R
101 RP King Edge Denver R
102 RF Victor Torres New York R
103 SP Zack Stone Los Angeles R
104 1B Greg Gain Midwest R
105 SS Mike Perry Midwest R
106 SP Adam Michalek Wichita L
107 1B Benjamim Kramer Salt Lake City L
108 RP Seth Kennedy Los Angeles R
109 2B Francisco Martinez DC R
110 SP Willie Morales Los Angeles R
111 SP Billy Robichaux Great Lakes R
112 SP William Arnold Houston R
113 SP Ross Phillips New York R
114 3B Aaron Drayton Bay Area R
115 SP Jason Buckley Denver R
116 SP Jose Vanegas Denver L
117 RP Vic Martinez Austin L
118 SP Gabe Dittman Philadelphia L
119 SP Elijah Mayfield New York R
120 SP Hugo Jaramillo New York R
121 SP Bruce Gipson Los Angeles R
122 SP Pete Engvall Cincinnati R
123 RP Tommy Steele Miami R
124 SP Chris Zuniga Portland L
125 SP Chris Wetzel Los Angeles R
126 RP Phil Kluth Los Angeles R
127 RP Alex Castillo Boston L
128 SP Gualterio Valeriano Seattle R
129 SP Steve Green Brooklyn R
130 SP Jonas Torres Austin L
131 SP Juan Jaramillo Philadelphia R
132 1B Jason Sandoval Boston R
133 RP Mike Carrasquilla Cincinnati L
134 1B George McNeill Atlanta R
135 RF Jesus Avalos Houston R
136 RF Cesar Soza Portland R
137 3B Adam Simpson Great Lakes R
138 CF Hector Ulloa Carolina R
139 C Bobby McCullough DC R
140 1B Bill Lamb Mexico City R
141 3B Lupe Munoz Florida R
142 DH Seth Neglia Salt Lake City R
143 SS Jamie Tyndall Cincinnati R
144 2B Jorge Torales Sacramento R
145 3B Travis Hendricks San Diego R
146 1B Travis Bridges Sacramento R
147 RF Julio Ramirez Miami R
148 SP Sebastian Williams Austin R
149 LF Chris Allen New York L
150 3B Leo Bernal Philadelphia R

Number of Prospects By Team:

Team Count
New York 11
Austin 10
Great Lakes 8
Indianapolis 8
Los Angeles 8
Miami 7
Denver 7
DC 7
Portland 7
Iowa 6
Salt Lake City 6
Cincinnati 6
Philadelphia 6
Midwest 6
Bay Area 5
Sacramento 5
Detroit 4
Houston 4
San Diego 4
Oklahoma 4
Atlanta 3
Brooklyn 3
Florida 3
Carolina 3
Seattle 2
Wichita 2
Chicago 2
Boston 2
Mexico City 1
Arizona 0

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