Record: 30-28 / 3rd place / Pioneers of the Diamond
Laredo Border Jumpers



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Legend: (a) = auto-renew at league minimum, T = Team Option, P = Player Option, V = Vesting Option, Arb = Likely arb-eligible
* = players in minors on league minimum deals are only paid 16.5% of their salary while in the minors
Color code: Contract extension, Retained contract
Note: This table is a best-guess, and likely won't match OOTP exactly for auto-renew and arb eligibility.
StatsPlus is ignoring Super Two rules, and also assuming all players on 40-man are in the majors all season.
Pos Player Age 2071 2072 2073 2074 2075
P Michael Cook 32 $18.56M $15.11M $15.11M (P)
P Peyton Jones 32 $8.74M
P Mike Murdock 29 $273k Arb Arb Arb
C José Morales 31 $273k $30k (a) $30k (a) Arb Arb
P José Rojas 34 $7.86M $7.86M $7.86M (P)
P Andrew Dougherty 33 $10.01M $10.01M (P)
1B Gerardo Maldonado 32 $20.2M $20.2M $19.29M $19.29M (P)
3B Wilson Ransom 28 $1.23M Arb Arb
P Arturo Baca 27 $273k Arb Arb Arb
CF Pablo Romero 31 $1.82M Arb
P Kunimatsu Osada 28 $682k Arb Arb
P Wiley Prince 33 $14.01M
P Edmund Martin 30 $427k Arb Arb
C Brandon Lockhart 34 $8.74M $8.74M (P)
RF Dave Hall 32 $6.25M $6.25M $6.25M (P)
C Earl Graves 34 $1.55M Arb
SS Miguel Contreras 30 $1.91M
LF Sancho López 34 $1M
2B Scott Harris 28 $273k $30k (a) Arb Arb Arb
P Andy Clark 26 $273k $30k (a) Arb Arb Arb
LF Harvey Turner 31 $6.71M
P Keith Houston 32 $884k $884k
SS Carlos Carter 26 $273k $30k (a) $30k (a) Arb Arb
SS Melvin Gregory 29 $500k Arb Arb
1B Nelson Martínez 32 $1.35M $30k (a) Arb Arb Arb
P John Weaver 23 $273k $30k (a) $30k (a) Arb Arb
Total $114.35M $69.05M $48.51M $19.29M $0